Household Faith

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Household Faith is faith discovered in the midst of everyday living. It is honesty, questions, and guilt, with a few answers along the way. It is the realization that life isn’t perfect. It is the laughter of a moment. It is understanding that children are our best teachers. It is the sleepless nights and the pure exhaustion of parenthood. But mostly, it weaves the questions into answers, the tears into joy, and the memories into our soul.

Household Faith is a collection of stories, memories, insights, and musings from everyday moments. Each story stands alone but also encompasses a bigger picture. Alone they capture a moment in time. As a collective work, they span a lifetime, connecting the present to the past and the past to the future. They are an offering, a glimpse of heaven, and a flicker of hope.

Devotional in style, but not necessarily designed to be read as individual segments, Household Faith reminds parents they are enough. It affirms grandparents and gives aunts and uncles permission to laugh. It strengthens the bond between siblings and drives home the fact that family often includes those who are not related by blood. It is a gift you give yourself as it transports you back and propels you forward all in one fell swoop. May the faith of this household become a window to yours.


Published by Judith Kay Writes

Judith Kay has spent her life observing, listening, questioning, accepting, challenging, and wrestling with life’s toughest questions. Her writings reveal the answers, enmeshed in the tangled, sometimes messy analogies from everyday living. Judith Kay’s rural Iowa upbringing planted deep roots in core family values, a solid work ethic, and a humble spirit. These traits are personified in characters with deep convictions and heartfelt struggles. No stranger herself to disappointment, struggles, and grief, JK presents characters that wield their way into your heart, inviting you to seek your own answers along their journeys! Moving fluently between works of fiction and non-fiction, life-changing implications draw you into Judith Kay’s stories—sometimes challenging, other times affirming. Her quick wit and keen sense of authenticity keep you engaged. Her characters stay with you long after the story has ended. Her stories speak into your own life and resurface in your personal experiences.

2 thoughts on “Household Faith

  1. I can’t wait to start the second book! Last Chance At Love was way more than I had expected and I could not put it down. It is one of the most “real” books I have read. Everyone I know who has read it has absolutely loved it.


  2. I am so glad you loved your read, Pat! I’m excited for you to dive into A Fighting Chance as well! May you find yourself so engaged with the characters that you expect to run into them while running errands! Enjoy! ~Judith Kay


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