Behind the Writer

Share five things you’re good at.

  1. Time Management. I excel at managing my time wisely and efficiently. As a result, I accomplish a boatload of productivity on a daily basis. Once my feet hit the floor in the morning, I move through each day with purpose and focus.
  2. Encouraging Others. My greatest joy is watching others succeed. Confidence takes a great deal of encouragement and encouragement is sometimes in short supply. If I can make a difference simply by being a cheerleader or offering a word of encouragement, then I have done my job.
  3. Growing Things. Anything. I love to plant seeds and watch them grow. This is true of flowers, vegetables, trees, and people. Every single seed is packed with potential. Learning how to nurture the potential to bring forth new life is an art form I have mastered. It is life-giving to nurture a seed through to a bountiful harvest season after season.
  4. Feeding People. There is something sacred in a shared meal. I love planning a special meal to share with family and friends. Everything from the preparation to serving, to the clean-up, brings people together. There is an intimacy that comes from having everyone’s feet around the same table at the same time for a common purpose that fills me with great satisfaction.
  5. Reading Between the Lines. I have an uncanny ability to read a person’s soul. I feel their emotions and know the weight of their burdens often before they share any details. This is both a blessing and a curse, for it puts me in a pastoral positive without being invited while allowing me to know people on a very personal level.

Published by Judith Kay Writes

Judith Kay has spent her life observing, listening, questioning, accepting, challenging, and wrestling with life’s toughest questions. Her writings reveal the answers, enmeshed in the tangled, sometimes messy analogies from everyday living. Judith Kay’s rural Iowa upbringing planted deep roots in core family values, a solid work ethic, and a humble spirit. These traits are personified in characters with deep convictions and heartfelt struggles. No stranger herself to disappointment, struggles, and grief, JK presents characters that wield their way into your heart, inviting you to seek your own answers along their journeys! Moving fluently between works of fiction and non-fiction, life-changing implications draw you into Judith Kay’s stories—sometimes challenging, other times affirming. Her quick wit and keen sense of authenticity keep you engaged. Her characters stay with you long after the story has ended. Her stories speak into your own life and resurface in your personal experiences.

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