New Release by Judith Kay

“Love Takes a Chance”, A Novel – 3rd Book in a Series Available this week! Love Takes a Chance, but everything must work together—Trust, Accountability, and Intimacy. Increased family responsibility takes its toll on career-minded professionals who jockey for positions both at home and at work. A demanding family activity schedule coupled with J.P.’s ever-increasingContinue reading “New Release by Judith Kay”


The vastness of the universe offered a feast for my eyes, and I almost missed it. The fawns that were born last spring are all grown up but still sport white spots on their backs, and I almost missed them. The hoot owls and the hawks were exercising their calls, and I almost missed them.

Because I couldn’t unplug.

Holy Ground

I showed up with three farm kids, a big yellow Labrador, and two five-gallon buckets of freshly picked green beans. No one batted an eye. Gram started dragging those old metal lawn chairs into the shade of the orchard east of the house. Everyone gathered. With instant Nestea in hand (containing enough sugar we almost chewed the tea), and willing hearts, the sisters, cousins, and aunts arranged the chairs into a circle.

Just Be Kind

His little head fell, and he folded his hands on the shopping cart handle. He was so small and so undeserving of such vulgar behavior. The father (or at least I assumed it was the father) kept pushing the cart. His conversation with the mother was calm and decent. It was the child taking the brunt. No one came to his defense.