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Love Takes a Chance Trilogy Book Trailer

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Last Chance at Love

a Novel

First in the Series, Love Takes a Chance

$16.99 Paperback

$2.99 Ebook (Free for Kindle Unlimited)

Last Chance at Love

An unexpected romance, complex family relations, and unhealed wounds comingle as two single parents wrestle with their pasts putting everything on the line for one last chance at love.  Loves Takes a Chance is a Trilogy – Mind, Body, Spirit. All must work together to reconcile love.

​Last Chance at Love, first in the series

Samira Cartwright is smart, she is steady and she is very settled. Widowed much too young, she is raising her daughters as a single mother and running the programs at the local library. Her life is simple, safe, and predictable. Maybe even too predictable!

J.P. Ralston’s professional reputation in the courtroom reflects great success, but his reputation with women speaks otherwise. Detached, untamed, and set in his ways, J.P. embarks upon new territory when research needed to close a case intersects with Samira’s jurisdiction at the library.

Last Chance at Love Book Trailers
Meet the Cast
Reader Reviews

A Fighting Chance

Sequel to Last Chance at Love

Second Book in the Series, “Love Takes a Chance”

$14.99 Paperback

$2.99 Ebook and Kindle

The Sequel to “last Chance at Love”

A Fighting Chance

A Fighting Chance, second book in the series, Love Takes a Chance, pursues the intense romance between Samira Cartwright and J.P. Ralston. They tumble into new territory with holy matrimony, but unwritten expectations come with tremendous responsibility. Marital bliss is threatened by teenage drama, demanding professional agendas, and a never-ending battle for intimacy. When tragedy strikes, everything is on the line. Decisions must be made despite public and professional opinions. Crimson roses connect the past to the present.

Judith Kay weaves current issues and real to life emotions into an epic family story that tests loyalties, forces acceptance, and discovers the power of unconditional love. Life-changing forgiveness opens the way for new beginnings. Mr. and Mrs. Ralston draw you even deeper into their story, mind, body, and spirit. Will their Last Chance at Love be enough to give them A Fighting Chance?

Last Chance at Love Trailer #1 – New Love comes with New Challenges
Last Chance at Love Trailer #2 – Everything is a Stake
A Fighting Chance Trailer #3 – New Opportunity
A Fighting Chance – Meet the Cast

Household Faith

Available on in Paperback, Hardback, and Ebook/Kindle

Paperback $9.99

Hardback $18.99

Ebook/Kindle $2.99

Household Faith is faith discovered in the midst of everyday living. It is honesty, questions, and guilt, with a few answers along the way. It is the realization that life isn’t perfect. It is the laughter of a moment. It is understanding that children are our best teachers. It is the sleepless nights and the pure exhaustion of parenthood. But mostly, it weaves the questions into answers, the tears into joy, and the memories into our soul.

Household Faith is a collection of stories, memories, insights, and musings from everyday moments. Each story stands alone but also encompasses a bigger picture. Alone they capture a moment in time. As a collective work, they span a lifetime, connecting the present to the past and the past to the future. They are an offering, a glimpse of heaven, and a flicker of hope.

Devotional in style, but not necessarily designed to be read as individual segments, Household Faith reminds parents they are enough. It affirms grandparents and gives aunts and uncles permission to laugh. It strengthens the bond between siblings and drives home the fact that family often includes those who are not related by blood. It is a gift you give yourself as it transports you back and propels you forward all in one fell swoop. May the faith of this household become a window to yours.

Household Faith Book Trailer

Diagnosis: Dementia ~ Prognosis Hope

A Caregiver’s Journey, A Memoir

$9.99 Paperback

$2.99 Ebook and Kindle

“Caregiving for a loved one plagued with Dementia walks the fine line between knowing it won’t last forever and the absolute horror that death is the final outcome. The beginning is unforeseen, but the end is inevitable.” ~Judith Kay

Diagnosis: Dementia – Prognosis: Hope is a touching memoir of a mother-daughter journey through Dementia, made all the worse with the timing of the COVID-19 pandemic. These stories capture the daily struggles, momentary joys, and complex challenges that compound the caregiving effort.

Judith Kay presents an inspirational glimpse into the day-to-day elements of the memory-challenged world she navigated with her mother, unprepared, untrained, and overwhelmed. Each story stands alone, yet simultaneously intertwines with the past, all the while foreshadowing what is yet to come. Judith Kay speaks from the heart, sculpting each situation into hope-giving inspiration.

Seasoned with just the right amount of humor, this book is a must read for caregivers, children of Dementia patients, and anyone who finds themselves involved with memory-challenged loved ones. Dementia is not an individual struggle. It is a family disease that affects every facet of daily living.

Diagnosis Dementia ~ Prognosis Hope Book Trailer
2022 Planner and Journal by Judith Kay Writes

Finding the perfect planner is next to impossible. Judith Kay took matters into her own hands. Literally!

Judith Kay Writes presents an all-in-one planner and journal. Customized for 2022, the Living Life Changed 12-month calendar includes weekly planning pages to keep appointments and goals on track. Blank Journal pages are found at the back providing space to record your own thoughts, quotes, ponderings, or musings. Beautifully designed, personalized pages allow a peaceful approach to daily tasks beginning with a moment of thanksgiving. Weekly planning pages include a to-do list, reminders, and notes. Carry it with you or leave it on the desk. Designed with women in mind, the Living Life Changed Planner and Journal is perfect for busy moms, authors, executives, and entrepreneurs alike. Elegant, simple, and practical. Great for gifting too!

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