Spring Emerging

We live in four seasons. The calendar marks the days, but the seasons put a mark on our hearts. Acutely aware of the passing time, seasons forge their own path in their own time, which then becomes our time. We don’t choose the timing or the path, but we are full participants in both.

Keeping the Mind Busy

In the world of Dementia there is a fine line between keeping the mind busy and keeping the loved one occupied. It would seem busy work might stimulate the senses over and over without a memory to keep track of passing time.


Unspoken-ness is a practice. It is polished and effortless because it has been with me for so long. I wonder about these words and thoughts and ponderings even before I understand them. I work through them over time, realigning the content with the reality—fact checking my heart with my head.

Yard Rules

In Mom’s yard things “precede” mowing. Things like, cleaning up after the dogs (I figure rain is coming! Won’t that clean up after the dogs?) Sticks need picked up and placed in yard waste containers. (I drive a 42” ZTR mower. The owner’s manual clearly states: “…the blades can handle small sticks, bark, and twigs…”. I trust the owner’s manual). It used to take me 2 and a half hours to mow 2 full acres of long grass. In town, at Mom’s house, I should be able to knock the top off the grass (honestly, we just mowed it last Friday!!!) in about 45 minutes.