Living Life Changed

n Iowa, Thanksgiving seems to mark the transition from fall into winter. This year as I’ve watched the trees turn, I’ve also tuned into my heart a
little more. Although I have endured major life changes, I have much to
be thankful for. Even in brokenness, my heart is full.

2022 All-in-One Planner and Journal

The 2022 Living Life Changed All-in-One Planner and Journal is a combination of my three favorite daily writing tools. It is a Monthly and Weekly Planner, a Gratitude Journal, and a Journal with Blank pages to capture thoughts while on the go.

Household Faith

aunts and uncles permission to laugh. It strengthens the bond between siblings and drives home the fact that family often includes those who are not related by blood. It is a gift you give yourself as it transports you back and propels you forward all in one fell swoop. May the faith of this household become a window to yours.

“Caregiving for a loved one plagued with Dementia walks the fine line between knowing it won’t last forever and the absolute horror that death is the final outcome. The beginning is unforeseen, but the end is inevitable.” ~Judith Kay

A Memoir, by Judith Kay Diagnosis Dementia ~ Prognosis Hope Authors Link:

Last Chance at Love

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