Counting Squares

Tomorrow is a new day. I will wake up on the 12th and move forward into another month. Life changed. I will breathe in and out and count my blessings. I will carry a mask in my purse and in my car for when it is needed and required. I will stand in the square and wait my turn. I will smile with my eyes and attempt limited conversation with strangers who are also waiting. And together we will all move forward.

Blinded by the Light

Darkness, blinded by the very light it is designed to keep out.
How ironic that the blinds actually cast the Light.
Even more ironic when the Light is so bright it blinds.
Isn’t that how Grace works too?

Empty Nest

I’ve taken some criticism over the years for pursuing my own dreams and goals. But maybe that’s exactly what we’re supposed to do! There was a time when all of my purpose, all of my energy, all of my everything went into that nest. But now the nest is empty, so maybe it’s okay to leave that nest to build something new.

The Fine Lines – An Introduction and an Invitation

There are times I have felt experiences with my heart before my eyes could comprehend the magnitude upon my life. But these experiences I kept to myself because I feared outsiders who looked into my world with a judgment call or an explanation I didn’t request.